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We export fresh fruit to the world, surpassing the expectations of our customers, delighting consumers thanks to the collaboration of the best human talent, leading technology and production processes of the highest quality. We work as a team with passion, always at the forefront of technological and social processes achieving world-class caliber quality levels. In short term, we will be a world leader in the export of fresh fruits, recognized for its quality, innovation, dedication, support to our producers and excellent service to our customers; Committed to the care of the environment, corporate responsibility and the socio-economic development of the country.

Sabrostar Fruit Company > BASC


Nowadays, thanks to each of our operations, we have grown as a company, becoming an important company that contributes to the well-being and development of the country and to the professional vialization of each of our coolers. Today we are an important part of the economic development and growth of the country’s export market. Our products bring to the world the best of our land and our people to different cultures, because the quality, freshness, and sweet taste of our products is the fruit of a great job! Sabrostar Fruit Company, Quality for the world!


Behind those sweet moments that share in family so natural and full of joy there is more than the delicious taste of eating well. In each of these products that contribute to your daily growth, this is the fruit of the efforts of hundreds of people who have turned Sabrostar Fruit Company into a fruit export company under the leadership of the best human talent, cutting edge technology and processes. High quality production has left the name of Ecuador very high.


Our products are present all over the world, leaving in every continent the best of our country. We are present in the main countries of the world, delivering not only fresh and top quality products but also deliver in every box the security, reliability, and work of many Ecuadorians who boost wellbeing to more than 5000 families thus contributing to progress from the country. The number of our exports has increased year by year resulting in the possession of the largest exporters in the country.

Serving 28 Countries ... and keep counting!

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We are a group of dedicated professionals, ready to give you the best service possible.

Sabrostar Fruit Company > Oficina

Angel Punin Borja


Fernando Piza

Fernando Piza

Production Manager

Sabrostar Fruit Company > Oficina

Fernando Choez

Administration Chief

Nelson Marchán

Quality Control Manager

Jaime Torres

Quality Control Sub-Manager

Maintenance Manager

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Dpt. of Logistics and Operations

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Accounting General

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